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Full text of "Constitution and by-laws of the Winslow Council, No. 1, Seaman's Protective Union of Boston"

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Seamen's Protective Union j 


No. 37 Congress Street. 


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Seamen's Protective Union 


No. 3? Congress Street. 


Preamble 4 

Name 5 

Quorum 5 

Qualification for membership 5 

Objects 7 

Cards 7 

Dues 9 

Benefits 9 

Officers 10 

Penalties and Trials 11 

Amendments 13 

Funds 13 

Duty of the W. Chief. 13 

Religious and political Debate 14 

Constitution 14 

Representative to tbe Grand Council 14 

Revenue 14 

Blac4c Book 15 

Fines 15 

Forfeiture of Office 16 

Relief Committee 10 


It is impossible to survey the existing state of 
affairs between the different elasses in our com- 
munity without deep emotion. The continual 
encroachments upon the rights and privileges of 
that class of men whom their peculiar circum- 
stance deprive of self-protection as individuals, 
against designing and unscrupulous parties, have 
a debasing and demoralizing influence, which 
demands an immediate union of effort in adopt- 
ing measures of protection and reform. 

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Time of Meeting 17 

Qualification for Membership 17 

Duties of the W. Chief 17 

Duties of the D. Chief 18 

Duties of the Seeretarj' 18 

Duties of the Assistant Secretary 19 

Duties of the Treasurer 19 

Duties of the Conductor 20 

Duties of the Warden 21 

Duties of the Trustees 21 

Committees 22 

Funds 22 

Benefits 22 

Dues and Penalties 23 

Unlawful Acts 24 

Withdrawal 25 

Funerals 25 

Election of Officers 25 

Time of Business 26 

Resolutions and Amendments 26 



• • "■ 

s ■ 

- i - ■ 





Of the Name, Style, and Title. 

This Council shall be known by the name, 
style, and title of Winslow Council, No. 1, of 
the S. P. U. of Boston. It shall possess the full 
powers and privileges of a Subordinate Council, 
so long as it shall act in conformity with the war- 
rant granted to it by the Grand Council of the 
United States. It shall be composed of brothers 
who have been regularly initiated into the mys- 
teries of the Order, and legally admitted to mem- 
bership therein. 


Seven members shall constitute a quorum to 
transact business, and this Council cannot be 
dissolved, while seven members in good standing 
object thereto. 

Qualifications for Membership. 
Section I. Every candidate proposed for 



membership must be a practical seaman, or must 
follow or have followed the sea for a livelihood. 
Provided, however, that this Council may enact 
a By-Law, stating that any person in every way 
identified with the interests of seamen, may be a 
candidate for membership. 

Sec. 2. A brother of the Order wishing to 
become a member of this Council, shall present 
his Clearance Card from the Council of which he 
was last a member. If the Council is satisfied 
of the correctness of the Card, the application 
shall be referred to a committee of three, whose 
duty it shall be to inquire and report at that or 
the next meeting of the Council, as to the char- 
acter and fitness of the applicant for membership. 
If the report be favorable, the applicant shall be 
balloted for, and if only five black balls appear 
against him, the applicant shall be declared 
elected to membership. If more than five black 
balls appear, the applicant shall be declared 
rejected. When admitted to membership, the 
applicant shall pay a fee of two dollars. 

Sec. 3. The name of a person offered for 
membership must be presented in writing-, with 
his initiation fee, and his name shall be entered 
on the records, and the same shall be referred to 
a committee appointed by the Chairs, whose duty 
it shall be to investigate his qualifications and 
character, and report at that or the next regular 
or >j)eeial meeting, when the candidate shall be 
balloted for, and if not more than five black balls 



appear against him, he shall be declared elected ; 
but if six or more appear against him, he shall 
be declared rejected ; and every candidate so 
rejected shall not be proposed again for the 
space of six months. All that refers to balloting 
in this section, may be dispensed with by a two- 
third vote at any regular meeting. 

Sec. 4. Should the candidate be elected, he 
shall be notified thereof, and shall be initiated at 
that or a subsequent meeting. Should he neg- 
lect or refuse to appear for initiation, his initia- 
ation fee shall be forfeited to this Council. 


The objects of this Council shall be the moral, 
mental, and financial improvement of the mem- 
bers, and also the accumulation of a fund for the 
benefit of sick and disabled members, their 
widows and orphans. 

Of Cards. 

Sec. 1. Any member in good standing wish- 
ing to withdraw from this Council, shall apply 
personally if in the city, or otherwise if out of 
the city, in open Council for a Clearance Card, 
which shall be granted him upon payment of all 
fines and dues charged against him on the Secre- 



tary's books, together with twenty-five cents for 
the Card. 

Sec. 2. Any member in good standing wishing 
to travel, may apply in open Council lor a Visit- 
ing Card, which shall be granted him for such 
lime as the Council shall determine, not exceed- 
ing one year, on his payment of all fines and 
(in is charged against him on the Secretary's 
ho )ks, together with twenty-five cents for the 
Card; the Brother shall also pay his dues to the 
time of expiration for which the card is granted. 

Sec. 8. Amember drawing a Visiting Card, 
shall be considered a member of this Council in 
good standing, provided his dues be paid in the 
manner prescribed by the By-Laws. lie shall 
be amenable to the Council for any misconduct, 
and shall, if sick, be entitled to his regular 
weekly benefits. Should he die during the time 
for which the Card was granted, his funeral 
benefit shall be paid. 

Sec. 4. Any member holding a Visiting 
Card, being out of the city, shall, if taken sick, 
report himself to a Council in the place where 
he may be. Should there be no Council in said 
place, he shall transmit to this Council a doctor's 
certificate, stating the nature and length of time 
of sickness, together with an affidavit from a 
justice of the peace, witnessed by two respect- 
able citizens. This Council shall, upon such evi- 
dence, if found satisfactory, pay the brother's 
benefits, if entitled. 



Of Dues. 

Sec. 1.. Each member of this Council shall 
pay into the funds thereof, such sums as shall be 
prescribed by the By-Laws, as his dues, which in 
no case shall be less than twenty-five cents per 
month, and such further sum as the By-Laws 
shall prescribe for funeral dues. 

Sec. 2. Any member who shall neglect or 
refuse to pay the dues fixed by the By-Laws for 
the space of twelve months, shall be reported to 
the Council by the Secretary, and the W. Chief 
shall, unless otherwise directed by the Council, 
thereupon declare such member suspended ; a 
record of which shall be made by the Secretary. 

Of Benefits. 

Sec. 1. There shall be in the funds of this 
Council at least five hundred dollars before any 
member shall be entitled to weekly benefits, 
unless by donation, which may be made by a 
two-third vote of the members present at a regu- 
lar meeting. 

Sec. 2. In case of the death of a member of 
this Council in good standing, there shall be 
allowed from the funds of this Council not less 
than twenty dollars for funeral expenses, and as 
much more as the Council may deem necessary. 



Sec. 3. In case of sickness of a member in 
good standing, he shall receive out of the funds 
of the Council a sum of not less than three dol- 
lars per week as the By-Laws may direct, to 
date from the time the Relief Committee receives 
notice of the member's) sickness, provided that 
such member is not more than three months in 
arrears, and that his sickness has not originated 
from intemperance, vicious, or immoral conduct. 

Sec. 4. A member shall be considered in 
good standing, when free of indebtedness to this 
Council for dues and fines ; provided also, that 
there is no charge of any kind pending against 
him on the Secretary's books. No member in 
arrears can come forward and pay his dues for 
the purpose of receiving sick benefits ; but shall 
be debarred of all benefits during said sickness. 


Of Officers. 

Sec. 1. The elective officers of this Council 
shall consist of a Worthy Chief, Deputy Chief, 
Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Con- 
ductor, Warden, and three Trustees, whose term 
of office shall be six months, and no brother 
shall be entitled to the office of W. Chief, who 
has not served a term as Dep. Chief, also no 
brother shall be entitled to the office of Dep. 
Chief, who has not served a term in some 
elective office. 



Sec. 2. Every officer must be clear of all 
charges on the books previous to his election. 

Sec. 3. Nominations for elective officers shall 
be made at the meeting previous to election. 

Sec. 4. Officers shall be elected at the last 
regular meetings in March and September, and 
installed at the first regular meetings in April 
and October. 

Sec. 5. Vacancies occurring in any office by 
death, resignation, or otherwise, should immedi- 
ately be filled by the Council electing or the 
proper officer appointing another member in- 

Sec. 6. The W. Chief, or officer acting as 
such, shall appoint the majority of all Com- 

Sec. 7. The subordinate officers shall consist 
of a Tyler and Right and Left Supporter to the 
first Chair, who shall be appointed by the W. 
Chief, and Right and Left Supporter to the 
second chair, who shall be appointed by the Dep. 
Chief on the night of installation. 


Penalties and Trials. 

Sec. 1. Any member neglecting or refusing 
to pay his dues to this Council, according to the 
By-Laws, for the space of three months, shall 
not be permitted to vote, or take part in any 
discussion whatever. 



Sec. 2. Any member who shall violate any 
of the principles of this Council, or offend 
against the Constitution or By-Laws, or Rules of 
Order, shall be fined or suspended, or expelled, 
as the By-Laws may direct, or the Council may 

Sec. 3. No member shall be put on trial 
unless charges duly specifying the offence be 
preferred against him, so as to fully apprise him 
of the nature thereof, and enable him to prepare 
for his defence. Such charge or charges shall be 
preferred in writing, signed by at least one mem- 
ber in good standing in this Council. 

Sec. 4. Such charges shall be referred to a 
committee appointed by the Chairs, who shall, 
without unnecessary delay, summon the party, 
and try the case. They shall keep full minutes 
of their proceedings and evidence, which they 
shall report to the Council, together with the 
decision on the charges, when the council shall 
act as the members may think proper. 

Sec. 5. If the accused refuse or neglect to 
stand trial, when duly summoned, theCommittee. 
shall report him guilty of contempt of this Coun- 
cil, which report shall be conclusive, and the 
punishment shall be suspension or expulsion, as 
the Council may determine. 

Sec. 6. Any member convicted by any judi- 
cial Tribunal for any crime, or otherwise act so 
that his conduct may tend to bring disgrace on 
the Order, shall be suspended or expelled, as 



the Council may determine at a regular meeting 
by a majority vote. 


Sec. 1. This Constitution shall not be altered 
or amended unless proposed at a stated meeting 
of the Grand Council, which cannot be acted 
upon until the next session of the Grand Council. 
If agreed to by a majority of all the members 
present, it shall become a part of this Constitu- 
tion, but not otherwise. 

Sec. 2. This Council shall have the power to 
make, from time to time, such By-Laws as may 
be deemed necessary for its general good : Pro- 
vided, always, that such By-Laws and amend- 
ments do not conflict with the Constitution. 


The funds and property of this Council having 
been raised for the protection of members, or 
any necessary expense for the good of the Coun- 
cil, it cannot be divided in any manner amongst 
the members individually, or between this Coun- 
cil and any that may branch from it, but shall 
remain the property of this Council, for its good 


It shall be the duty of Worthy Chief to order 
notices served on all the members of the Coun- 



cil (except those who are absent from the city) 
to attend the funeral of a deceased brother. 


All religious or political debates are strictly 
prohibited in the meetings of this Council. 


Any doubt as to the true meaning of any 
Article or Section of this Constitution shall be 
submitted to the officers of the Grand Council, 
whose decision thereon shall be final. 


This Council shall elect one Past Chief at the 
election in September, to serve for the term of 
one year, as their representative to the Grand 
Council. Such representative shall be allowed 
for his services, out of the funds of this Council, 
a sum not exceeding $3,00 per day as the By- 
Laws may direct, for the time he loses, while 
attending the Grand Council. 


This Council shall pay semi-annually to the 
Grand Council before installation of their offi- 
cers, 7 per cent, for every member initiated 
during the term, provided however, that in case 
such percentage should not be sufficient to meet 


the expenses of the Grand Council, the several 
councils shall at once pay each and every one an 
equal portion of the deficiency in the funds of the 
Grand Council, in default of which, any Council 
so offending shall forfeit the charter and all 
rights and privileges in the Order. This article 
may be altered at any session of the Grand 


This Council shall furnish its Secretary with a 
" Black Book," wherein shall be entered the 
names of all suspended and expelled members, 
setting forth the name, birth-place, residence, 
and occupation of each and every suspended or 
expelled member, together with the cause of 
such suspension or expulsion. The Secretary 
shall inform the Grand Secretary of the Grand 
Council of the United States of each and every 
suspension or expulsion, forthwith, together with 
the name, profession, birth-place, and residence 
of the culprit, and the cause or causes of such 
suspension or expulsion ; such information shall 
be under the seal of the Council, signed by the 
Worthy Chief, and attested by the Secretary. 


For absence from any stated or adjourned 
stated meeting, any elective officer shall be fined 
not less than twenty-five cents, and subordinate 



officers not loss than 12 cents; sickness or ab- 
sence from the city excepted. 


Any elective or appointed officer being absent 
three successive stated meetings, shall forfeit his 
office, and the presiding officer shall declare the 
chair vacant. 


Relief Committee. 

The W. Chief, Dep. Chief and Assist. Secre- 
tary .shall constitute the Committee of Relief, 
whose duty it shall be to visit within twenty-four 
hours any brother who may have been reported 
siek, and who resides within three miles from 
the place of meeting ; any of the above-named 
officers, failing to attend to their duties punctu- 
ally, shall be fined 50 cents for each and every 

The foregoing Constitution for Subordinate 
Councils was adopted by the Grand Council of 
the United States at Philadelphia on the third 
day of May, 1866. 


M. W. Great Chief. 

Attest : WM. BLANCBOIS, 

JR. W. Grand Secretary. 



Time of Meeting. 

The regular meetings of this Council shall be 
held on Friday evening of each week. The 
hours of meeting shall be, from the first day of 
April to the first day of October, at eight o'clock ; 
and from the first day of October to the first day 
of April at half past seven o'clock. The Worthy 
Chief shall call special meetings at the written 
request of five members in good standing. 


Qualifications for Membership. 

No person shall be admitted as a member of 
this Council without being a practical Seaman, 
or in every way identified with the interests of 


Duties of the Worthy Chief. 

It shall be the duty of the Worthy Chief to 
preside at the meetings of the Council, to pre- 
serve order and harmony, to put all questions, 
and announce the decisions of the same. He 



shall have the privilege to vote at the election 
of Officers or members but on no other question, 
except the members are equally divided ; then his 
castino- vote shall decide. He shall also superin- 
tend and watch over the interests of the Council 
and perforin such other duties as pertain to his 


Duties of the Deputy Chief. 

It shall be the duty of the Deputy Chief to 
assist the Worthy Chief in the discharge of his 
duties, to preside at the meetings of the Council, 
in the absence of the W. C. and for the time 
being enjoy all the privileges, perform all the 
duties, and exercise all the powers which prop- 
erly belong to the W. C. In the absence of the 
W. C. and D. C. a Chairman shall be appointed 
pro tern. 

Duties of the Secretary. 
It shall be the duty of the Secretary to record 
all the proceedings of the Council, and read the 
same when requested by the Worthy Chief; 
keep a correct account between the Council and 
its members ; collect all dues for initiation, 
monthly assessments, and fines, and pay the 
same to the Treasurer without delay, taking his 
receipt therefor. He shall issue all notices, 



keep a correct list of all the members, together 
with their residences, and perform all other 
duties which properly belong to the office of 
Secretary. He shall render a detailed quarterly 
report, and his books shall be open at all times 
for the inspection of the members of the Council, 
and for his services he shall receive such com- 
pensation as the Council may determine. 


Duties of Assistant Secretary. 

It shall be the duty of the Assistant Secretary to 
record the proceedings of the Relief Committee ; 
keep a correct account of all moneys paid for 
beneficial and charitable purposes, note the date 
on which any sick brother, entitled to and receiv- 
ing weekly benefits or pecuniary assistance, may 
have been reported to the Relief Committee, the 
length of his sickness, and the amount of money 
paid him. He shall keep a record of the circum- 
stances attending the death and burial of a 
brother for whom funeral benefits may be paid, 
and inform the relatives of the deceased brother 
of the same, if practicable. He shall also assist 
the Secretary in the performance of his duties, 
and for his services he shall receive such compen- 
sation as the Council may determine. 

.Duties of the Treasurer. 
It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to collect 



and receive all moneys from the Secretary, 
received for initiation, monthly assessments, and 
tines ; pay all bills against the Council, approved 
by the Hoard of Trustees and countersigned by 
the Worthy Chief and Secretary. He shall, with 
the advice oi the Worthy Chief, Secretary, and 
Board of Trustees, and in the presence of them 
all, deposit all moneys which maybe in his hands 
at any time, in excess of the sum of one hundred 
dollars, in a safe and reliable banking institution ; 
but no sum less than twenty-five dollars shall be 
deposited, lie shall transfer the book or evi- 
dence of such a deposit to the Worthy Chief for 
safe keeping. He shall not draw any money to 
pay bills, or for any other purpose whatever, 
without the draft is signed by the Worthy Chief, 
Secretary, and Board of Trustees, and he shall 
cause this proviso to be entered upon the books 
of the institution which may receive such a 
deposit. He shall keep a correct account of all 
his receipts and disbursements in the regular 
order of business transactions, report the same 
quarterly, and his books shall be open at all 
times for the inspection of the members of the 

Duties of the Conductor. 

It shall be the duty of the Conductor to ex- 
amine the members in the Pass- word at the 
opening of the Council ; should there be any 




persons present who are not entitled to remain, 
to conduct them to the ante-room, to receive the 
candidates and assist at their initiation, and per- 
form such other duties as the Council may re- 


Duties of the Warden. 

It shall be the duty of the Warden to take 
charge of the passage to the rooms of this Coun- 
cil ; allow no person to enter without the pass- 
word ; should any member present himself with- 
out the pass-word, report the same to the 
Worthy Chief, and with his consent admit the 
brother ; to see that the members are furnished 
with their regalia on entering the room, and col- 
lect the same at the close of the Council, and 
preserve them in a careful manner, to assist 
at the initiation, and perform such other duties 
as the Council may require. 


Duties of the Trustees. 

It shall be the duty of the Trustees to examine 
the books of the Secretary and Treasurer from 
time to time, and report quarterly in detailed 
form. They shall have the superintending of all 
financial matters relative to the Council, and all 
demands against the Council shall be referred to 
them for examination and approval. 




Sec. 1. The AYorthy Chief. Deputy Chief, 
and Assistant Secretary, constituting the relief 
Committee, shall have the power to appoint 
Sub-Committees whenever they may deem it 
necessary for the interest of the members of the 

Sic. 2. Any member appointed on a Com- 
mittee Avho shall neglect or refuse to attend to 
the duty assigned to such a Con mittee, shall be 
liable to a fine of fifty cents, sickness or absence 
from the city excepted. 


Sec. 1. No moneys shall be drawn or ap- 
propriated from the funds of the Council, with- 
out the consent of the members at a regular 
meeting, by a two-third vote. 

Sec. 2. No bills shall be contracted for any. 
any purpose relative to the Council without the 
consent of the members at a regular meeting by 
a vote of the majority. >^ 


Sec. 1. Any member in good standing being 



sick or bodily disabled, and therefore unable to 
attend to his usual occupation, shall receive the 
sum of three dollars per week, and as much more 
as the Council may determine, not exceeding the 
space of six months ; provided such sickness or 
disability does not proceed "from intemperance 
or immoral conduct on his part. 

Sec. 2. In case of the death of a member in 
good standing, there shall be allowed out of the 
funds of the Council, the sum of twenty dollars, 
for funeral expenses, and as much more as the 
Council may determine. 

Sec. 3. Any member in good standing hav- 
ing been deprived of his rights while in the per- 
formance of his duties on shipboard, or while on 
shore, shall receive all the assistance which this 
Council may legally render him to obtain his 
rights and justice. 

Sec. 4. The widow or orphans of a deceased 
brother shall receive such assistance from this 
Council, as the members may determine at a 
regular meeting by a unanimous vote. 

Dues and Penalties. 

Sec. 1. The initiation fee for admission into 
this Council shall be one dollar, to be paid 
when proposed for membership ; and the monthly 
assessments shall be twenty-five cents, to -be paid 

Sec. 2. Any member being noted for ab- 



sence, at three regular successive meetings with- 
out giving a reasonable excuse, personally or 
otherwise, at or before the meeting is called to 
order, shall be liable to a fine of fifty cents, sick- 
ness or absence from the city excepted. 

Si c. 3. Any member disclosing any of the 
business transactions of this Council, (or speak- 
ing disrespectfully thereof,) shall be fined, sus- 
pended, or expelled, as the members may deter- 
mine at a regular meeting, by a vote of the 

Sec. 4. Any member who does not, on chang- 
ing his residence, report the same to the Secre- 
tary within one week, in writing, shall be liab.'e 
to a fine of fifty cents. 

Sec. 5. Any member who does not, on leav- 
ing the city, on board of a vessel or otherwise, 
notify the Secretary of the same in writing, 
stating the name of the vessel, where bound, by 
whom shipped, and at what rate of wages, shall 
be liable to a fine of fifty cents. 

Sec. 6. Any member being sick or absent 
from the city, shall be allowed a reasonable time 
to pay his diu s. 

Sec. 7. Every member shall be supplied with 
a copy of the Constitution and By-Laws of this 
Council for which he shall be charged the sum of 
ten cents. 

Unlawful Acts. 
No member shall be countenanced, much less 



assisted in the committal of any illegal acts, 
however much such a course of proceeding might 
promise to accomplish for the benefit of the 



No member shall be allowed to withdraw from 
this Council for the purpose of becoming a mem- 
ber of another Council of the Order, without pro- 
ducing satisfactory reasons for so doing. 


When a member is removed by death, informa- 
tion shall be given to the Worthy Chief, who 
shall call a meeting of the Council. The mem- 
bers shall assemble, agreeable to such call, at the 
appointed hour, for the purpose of attending the 
funeral of the deceased brother in procession. 

Election of Officers. 

Sec. 1. The election or choice of officers 
shall be determined by written or printed bal- 
lots, and the candidate receiving the highest 
number of ballots shall be considered elected. 

Sec. 2. There shall be three inspectors of 
election, appointed by the Worthy Chief, who 
shall superintend the election, receive and count 



the ballots, and announce the result of the same 
to the W. C. who shall declare the successful 
candidates as officers of the Council. 


Time of Business. 

The regular office hours of the Secretary for 
the transaction of business, payment of assess- 
ments, notification, etc., shall be from ten to 
twelve o'clock in the forenoon. 

Resolutions and Amendments to the By-Laws. 

Sec. 1. This Council may from time to time 
pass such resolutions as the true interests of all 
concerned may demand. 

Sec. 2. These By-Laws may be altered or 
amended upon a Written statement of the same 
submitted at least two regular meetings previous 
to its being acted upon, and a two-third vote of 
the members present shall be necessary for the 
adoption of such alteration or amendment. 

WILLIAM TAYLOR,, Deputy Chief. 
HENRY KREY, Secretary. 
GEORGE DOOLEY, Treasurer. 

Committee on By-Laws. 


Rule 1. The presiding officer having taken 
the chair, the officers and members shall clothe 
themselves in regalia and take their seats, and at 
the sound of the gavel, there shall be general 

Rule 2. No motion shall be subject to de- 
bate until it has been seconded and stated by the 
chair. It shall be reduced to writing at the re- 
quest of any two members. 

Rule 3. When a question is before the 
Council, no motion shall be received — unless it 
be to adjourn, to lie on the table, the previous 
question, to refer, to postpone indefinitely, to 
postpone to a certain time, or to amend ; and 
the motions just enumerated shall take prece- 
dence in the order of enumeration. 

Rule 4. On a call of three members, a 
majority of the Council may demand that the 
previous question shall be put, which shall al- 
ways be in this form: " Shall the main question 
be now put ? " and, until it is decided, no further 
debate shall take place, and the vote shall be 
taken first, on any amendments that may be 
pending, and next, on the final question. 

Rule. 5. When the reading of any paper or 
other matter is called for, and the same is ob- 



jected to by any member, it shall be determined 
by a vote of the Council without debate. 

Rule 6. Before putting a question, the pre- 
siding officer shall ask, " Is the Council ready 
for the question ? " If no member rise to speak, 
he shall rise and put it. While the presiding 
officer is putting a question, or addressing the 
Council, none shall walk out of or across the 
room, nor entertain private discourse ; and after 
he shall have risen to put it, no member shall 
speak upon it. 

Rule 7. The presiding officer, or any mem- 
ber doubting the decision of a question, may call 
for a division of the Council ; but a division can 
not be called for after the Chair has announced 
the result of a vote. 

Rule 8. No member shall be permitted to 
speak or vote, unless clothed in regalia according 
to his rank and station, and occupying his seat 
at the place designated for him. 

Rule 9. Every officer and member shall be 
designated by his proper title or office, accord- 
ing to his standing in the Order. 

Rule 10. Every member when he speaks or 
offers a motion, shall rise and respectfully ad- 
dress the Chair ; and while speaking, he shall 
confine himself to the question in debate, avoid- 
ing all personalities and indecorous language, as 
well as all reflections upon the Council or any 
of its members. 

Rule 11. Should two members rise to speak 
at the same time, the Chair shall decide which is 



entitled to the floor. And no member shall 
interrupt or disturb another while speaking, 
unless to call him to order for words spoken. 

Rule 12. If a member while speaking shall 
be called to order, he shall, at the request of the 
chair, take his seat until the question of order is 
decided, when, if permitted, he may proceed 

Rule 13. The decisions of the Chair on 
points of order, may be appealed from by any 
member ; and in such cases the question shall be, 
" Shall the decision of the Chair stand as the 
judgment of the Council? " which question shall 
be taken by the D. Chief. 

Rule 14. No member shall speak more than 
twice on the same question, until all the mem- 
bers wishing to speak have had an opportunty 
to do so. 

Rule 15. When a petition, memorial, or 
communication is presented, a brief statement 
of its contents shall be made by the introducer 
or the Chair, and, after it has been read, a brief 
notice of its purport shall be entered upon the 

Rule 16. When a blank is to be filled, the 
question shall be taken first upon the highest sum 
or number, and the longcstor latest time proposed. 

Rule 17. Any member who voted with the 
majority may call for a reconsideration of a vote 
at the same session at which it was passed ; and 
if sustained by a majority of all the votes, 
the reconsideration shall be carried. 



RuLts 18. Any«nember may excuse himself 
from serving on a Committee, if at the time of 
his appo'ntment lie is a member of two other 
committees ; no member can be appointed on a 
Committee when absent from the Council. 

RULE. 10. No more than two amendments 
to a proposition shall be entertained at the same 
time, that is, an amendment and an amendment 
to the amendment, and the question shall be first 


1. Opening of the Council. 

2. Officers taking their respective station 

3. Warden securing the Doors. 

4. Conductor examining the members. 

5. Calling of the Roll of Officers. 

6. Reading of the Records. 

7. Balloting for Candidates. 

8. Initiation. 

9. Reception of Communications. 

10. Report of Relief Committee. 

1 1 . Report of Special Committee. 

12. Report of Standing Committee. 

13. Unfinished business. 

14. New Business. 

15. Good of the Order. 

16. Receipts. 

17. Adjournment. 



sailing to 

Liverpool, Belfast, 



from Glasgow every Friday. 
Belfast " Saturday. 

IW~ Passengers from Ireland can embark directly 
l board Steamers at Companies Pier. 

Anstin Baldwin & Co., 

Genial Agents for United States 

f F. MAGEE.I30 State St., Boston. 


>36S AILSI". 




State of Pennsylvania, 250 
" " Virginia, - 25(m 
" " Georgia, - 25(f 
" " Nevada, - 30d 

First Cabin Saloon has accommodation 
Ladies' Private Cabin attached, and GentlemenB 
first-class necessaries. ; - - r ■ 

Second Cabin is situated a little forwj 
requisite comfort attached, and everything tur 
tables separate from first saloon. These accor— 
intermediate. -i 


Carried, o 

are supplied with an abundance of food, prow 
stewards three times a day but they arc requi 
Spoon, Water Can and Bedding, all of which 
Steerage Passengers are provided with bei 
Ten cubic feet of baggage is allowed tor < 
Experienced surgeons accompany these a 
steerage passengers. ' I 

Steerage Tickets can be obtained for pass 
railroad station in the United States or m Oat 
Agenta of our Line throughout the country. 



tate of Indiana, - 3000 
" " Louisiana, 2000 
" " Alabama, 2500 

• first-class passengers, is situated amidships, lias 
; Room on deck, convenient bath rooms and all 

^ps, is well-carpeted and upholstered with every 
is necessary for a voyage. Cabins and dining 
tare of a much better class than what is called 

Main Deolc , 

and which is served to them by the Company's 
le themselves with a Plate, Mug, Knife, Fork, 
t, at a small price, at the port of embarkation, 
i, each grown up person having a separate berth. 
«enger free of charge. 

J, stewards and stewardesses for attendance on 

cipal points in Great Britain and Ireland, to any 
4 can be obtained, at favorable rates, from the 


The accommodations for Cabin Passengers byl 
these Steamers are io every way Fikst-Class. J 


First Cabin Saloon, - - $60 to $70, 

— According to location. 

Second Cabin, $15. 

Everything furnished. 


Apply to 


General Agents.